Who loves you? Your landlord does, that’s who…but why not? You’re paying for his Real Estate! Why not invest your money in your future? A mortgage payment on your own home builds equity every month – it’s like a built-in savings plan, and the property taxes and mortgage interest are generally tax deductible! Could anybody use another tax deduction?
Stable rental history?…You're qualified! (well, almost). To the contrary of popular belief, you don’t need a spotless credit history to purchase a home. A TNT Properties REALTOR® has access to a variety of mortgage lenders to assess your particular needs.

You’ll be amazed at the number of mortgages available requiring only a minimum amount of cash…as little as 3%…to purchase your own home…and with payments less than your current rent! Why pay your landlord?…pay yourself…with home equity each month!

Let a TNT Properties REALTOR® discuss the benefits of home ownership with you today!

Seasoned Buyer?

Been there and done that…you already know the rewards of home ownership so let’s go…

Your home is under contract or has sold…a home currently on the market has caught your attention…you have a thousand questions. What’s it cost? Is this price reflective of other sales in the neighborhood? When was it built?…

You need a Buyer’s Agent…a Real Estate agent who will represent you, and your interests in purchasing a home. The REALTORS® at TNT Properties are skilled at providing the details often overlooked or deemed unimportant by other agents. Who was the contractor that built the house? Is he still in business? Are there any restrictive covenants which may prevent your desired use of the property? Are any existing warranties (HVAC, roofing, etc.) transferable to a new owner? Is a home warranty available on this home? Is the asking price too high? Or, too low?

Think about it, the answers to these and other questions could save, or cost, you thousands of dollars. Have your previous or current Real Estate agents discussed these issues with you?

Contact a TNT Properties REALTOR® to discuss your home buying questions with you today!

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