Thinking about purchasing an investment property?

Why would anyone want to be a landlord? Good question, especially when there are so many other "safe" ways to invest your hard earned dollars. Of course there’s the stock market…or roller coaster as of late…up today, down tomorrow. Then there’s that Bank CD…paying you whopping ½% interest...if you promise not to want access to your money for 18 months! And of course, the old reliable Bank savings account…paying ¼% if you’re lucky!

Of course, like most everything else, there are no absolute guarantees, however, Real Estate investing generally works something like this:

You, the buyer, own the property…the tenant pays for the property…you get a depreciation deduction on your State and Federal taxes for the property…and each year the property should be appreciating in value! Hmmm…sound interesting? You bet it does…now you know why landlords love their tenants so much!

Give us a call and let an experienced TNT REALTOR® show you how to put your money to work like you never thought possible!

Thinking of selling your investment property?

STOP…don’t pass go…don’t collect $200…and DON’T "sell" that investment property…at least not before discussing it with a TNT Properties REALTOR®. Failure to know your available options could cost you big money.

Contact a TNT Properties REALTOR® to discuss the benefits of tax free "exchanges" and other tax-reducing options for liquidating investment Real Estate.